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Sharepix: intelligent picture sharing.
Before Sharepix
Gorillas in the jungle huddling around a handheld device
In the pre-dawn before Sharepix, huddles were formed. Here we see Coco, Mongo, and Lulu huddling around to share a curious picture. In the huddle, everyone sees the same picture, and anyone can point at a feature.
After Sharepix
After Sharepix, virtual huddles are formed. Coco, Mongo, and Lulu still see the same picture, and each one of them can still point at a feature. But now, it's from the comfort of their respective jungle nests. Here, Coco and Lulu can see that Mongo is pointing at the monolith.
Sharepix works for people too.
Everyone on a share is guaranteed to be looking at the same picture. This is especially important in Sharepix, because anyone on the share can "take the controls".
Point at features.
Sharepix adds a non-verbal dimension. When you point at something in a picture, people across the share see what you are pointing at. This reduces distracting chatter such as, "Which feature are you talking about again?"
Use voice.
Sharepix is meant to work in conjunction with voice, using any of the myriad voice technologies out there. The combination of Sharepix's non-verbal aspects, plus voice, greatly enhances the ability to flip through, point at, and coherently discuss pictures and their features over a network.
Sign-up for free.
To set up a share and send invites, you will need a Sharepix account. Once you have an account, you can set up a share with any third party on the internet. Sign-up
Study use cases.
Sharepix is useful in many fields that have high-information or timely image data as well as geographically dispersed experts or interested parties such as emergency response, reconnaissance, damage assessment, litigation, medicine, and science. Sharepix can also be used for coordinated group picture sharing within the same locale such as auditoriums and lecture halls so that handheld devices can supplement the visual experience. Use Cases